Personal Privacy Protection

1. Law of December 8, 1992 on Personal Privacy Protection

VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company’s treatment of your personal information (including your name, date of birth, address, e-mail and telephone number) shall comply with the law of December 8, 1992 on personal privacy protection.

2. Preservation of Your Personal Information

The personal information you have provided via the Website will be preserved in VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company’s archive database located at rue du Val 245 à 4100 SERAING, Belgium.

3. Cuases and Purposes of Collecting the Personal Information

The personal information as mentioned in Article 1 shall be collected via the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) for your conveniences of registration, order management and information consulting.

The information you have provided might be immediately disposed of by computer, so that your orders can be managed, the new product information, especially the relevant information published to you by mail or e-mail, may be provided to you, and better management of the Website and the services may be guaranteed. The information you have provided might also be used for statistics and analysis of the data on the Website, and for imporvement of the contents on the Website, as well.

Unless refused by you, the information you have provided might be provided to VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company’s sister companies or other commerically related enterprises for commercial purposes.

4. Acceptance

You accept the contents in Article 1 on your collection, preservation and treatment of your personal information as well as the above mentioned purposes. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company declares that unless refused by you, such data will only be used for the above mentioned purposes. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company shall not be liable for the contents or accuracy of such personal data.

5. Rights of Exchange, Deletion and Amendment of Personal Information

By signing the written application attached with your identity certificate, and sending the application to the following address, you may get your own personal information free of charge, and shall have the right to delete and amend the inaccurate, incomplete or improper contents.

6. Right to Nullify Registration

VAL-SAINT LAMBERT Company permits you to apply for nullification of the registration, and such application will be treated as soon as possible. Once your registration is nullified, VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company will no longer treat the personal information in Article 1 in any way.

7. Method of Contacting the Persons Who Treat the Personal Information

If you hope to implement the above operations, you may contact VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company by the following means: rue du Val 245, à 4100 Seraing, Belgique. Tel : 0032 (0)4 330 38 00 – Fax: 0032 (0)4 336 20 25 – Email : Approval Number of the Personal Privacy Protection Committee (in the process of application).

8. Use of Cookies

VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company will use cookies to accelerate the work speed of the Website. The Cookies will automatically save the small documents in your computer memorizer in order to accelerate the browsing speed. The cookies on the Website enable VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company to quickly find the information you input when accessing to the Website last time, and thus you do not have to re-input such information. The cookies can only be read by the Website. In addition, the cookies left by each user are different from those left by another. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company may only use the cookies upon your permission. You may, by adjusting the browser, obstruct your cookies from being used. If you choose to obstruct the cookies, the browsing speed of the Website will be slowed distinctively.

9. Link Relevant Information Records

VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company will record relevant information linked to the Website and the software in your use. Such information includes your IP address, the time of visiting the Website, the type of browser in your use and the web pages you have browsed. Such information will be preserved for one year. They will be used for anonymous data statistics and used to improve the Website and our service quality by analyzing your habits of use. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company may use such data for judicial procedures and to combat illegal contents. The judicial authorities may find you via your IP address or network supplier.

10. Safeguarding

The personal information you proivded to VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company will be saved in a safe server. We will only use it to register and process your orders and for the data statistics aiming at improving our services. Except for the event under Article 3, your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party or any other partner of VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company shall endeavor to protect your information from being stolen or lost, or from being used by an unauthorized third party. However, VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company shall not bear any liability for any unauthorized third party’s use of your personal information. The Website contains links or advertising information of the third party websites, and might collect your personal information. VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company shall not be liable in any way in this regard.

11. Period of Preservation of Your Personal Information

Your information will be preserved for 10 years, and will only be provided to the above said third party.

12. Privacy Protection Committee

According to the law of December 8, 1992, you shall have the right to inquire the Privacy Protection Committee for more information. Address : boîte postale n° 4, Bruxelles, 37, à 1000 Bruxelles Tel: 0032 (0) 221 385 40 Fax: 0032 (0) 221 385 65 E-mail: VAL SAINT-LAMBERT Company is applying for the approval number of the Committee.